The Roadhouse is a live performance space at the Angle Lake Station’s architecturally distinctive garage. The Roadhouse anchors a music and audio program focused on South King County and the communities surrounding the Federal Way Link Extension (FWLE). The program highlights and celebrates the many cultures and musical styles in the area, artists and musicians living and working in South King County and connects transit riders with the places they are traveling through. 

The venue name, “The Roadhouse”, is a nod to the musical history in this area. In the 1930s through the 1960s a number of dance halls were located in South King County, midway between the urban centers of Seattle and Tacoma. The most well-known was the Spanish Castle, which featured local musicians and national acts, as well as the first on-stage appearance of a young Jimi Hendrix. Hendrix’s song “Spanish Castle Magic” was inspired by the Spanish Castle. 

Check out The Roadhouse Calendar for monthly and quarterly events. 

Our Guiding Principles 

  • INCLUSION: create a sense of belonging through music and performance 
  • COMMUNITY: focus on South King County audiences and musicians 
  • HISTORY: highlight the musical history and culture in South King County   
  • CONNECTION: create a bridge between transit and the places that it serves
  • CELEBRATE: create a space to share and build South King County culture

Who We Are

Venue Management 

Show Brazil Productions, led by Eduardo/Ana Paula Mendonça, is The Roadhouse’s venue manager, Kent-based. Eduardo Mendonça has been the co-founder and event producer of BrasilFest at Seattle Center for 26 years, performed for the Dalai Lama, and Nelson Mandela, and worked extensively with young people through music. We have Samantha Areliz part of Show Brazil Productions team.

Advisory Committee

Eight community leaders, music and production industry professionals, and performing artists are providing invaluable guidance on how to get The Roadhouse up and running while staying true to Guiding Principles. Members are: 

  • Margot Jones
  • Olisa Enrico
  • Jeff Ross
  • Jordan Leonard
  • Winston Bell
  • Peter D’Aigle
  • Michael Jones
  • Seiha Bunkasem